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Future Leaders, Inc. Accelerated Learning Skills Development

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Current Status:Future Leaders, Inc. ...” This is the summary for (prototype) “Advanced Learning Resources” with plans for making real, one of the most important additions to a child’s education. We are a group of people who have studied and evaluated this important aspect in a child’s development which we have aptly called the “Art & Science of Learning.” This is an aspect of a child’s development (adults included) which has never been fully exploited on a scale capable of reaching and affecting a larger number of children. Who we are is not nearly as important as what we are attempting to do. Our goals include eventually making these coaching programs of true “accelerated learning skills development” available to the masses of our children.

Teachers are generally taught to teach many subjects, but the most important aspect of this equation is somewhat missing in most cases (and has been missing as far back as memory will allow). That is “learning” itself: which is just as important, if not more so than the subjects our children are being exposed to. Now is the time for education to take an evolutionary step forward and making adjustments towards bringing the learning skills of our youth up to the 21st Century level with the secrets of brain science. Like anything else in nature, every aspect of life must evolve or fall to the wayside of progress. This is more important for the future of our civilization than in the education of it’s’ present children?

Emphasis has never really been placed (on a broad scale level to the masses where it can do the most good) by addressing how the brain works and how to apply this knowledge through our after-school programs and in-school programs (in instances where circumstances allow). This will apply to all aspects of learning while allowing them to be able to learn at a faster and better rate which their minds are capable of naturally. To many, this is viewed as “accelerated learning," but for those who experience these techniques, they will be made consciously aware of the natural rhythms of learning. The benefits can be phenomenal, up to and including those children who are learning challenged through (dyslexia, autism and other learning challenges).

We note that at the very least, only the fortunate few that have received these opportunities through similar programs have generally enjoyed very positive results according to research reports. We are here to present to the general public - (via the parents, teachers, interested organizations, and students), the skills which lie outside and beyond the normal realm of the educational tools currently being used in most public schools.

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