As a non-profit organization, we are originating a prototype Coaching Center which we will adapt and expand exponentially according to the financial limitations we will face. We have a solid plan which can assist all classes of urban dwellers in designated local areas. We have plans to reconstitute this concept later in cities across America to provide for building an arena where our youth (3-18 years old) can be exposed to those concepts of accelerated learning and leadership potential so desperately needed. We seek to enhance this potential through activities that are beneficial as well as stimulating. Our techniques link with whatever the subject matter or athletic endeavor (and even social and behavioral interactions) in many beneficial ways. This will help each child to be better equipped to handle the changes which are happening so rapidly in the world today. It is a fact that children (on the whole) must learn to think better and faster if they are to succeed in life and meet the challenges of survival in a rapidly changing world. If we leave the leadership potential of future generations to caprice, we will suffer the same fate as so many of the great civilizations of the past. And with the technological and ecological problems which we currently face, it is all the more important to us as a species. The future of our children is made even more important for the survival of the whole of the human race. This burden rests upon the shoulders our children for the generations to come.

Real “learning” is a skill within itself that lays us open to the vistas of all the other subjects and disciplines of the human experience. Beyond such a conceptual introduction we take this still further. There is “learning” and then there is “accelerated learning.” Now is the time to elevate the potential of the education our children get in schools in such a way that we will evolve our entire system to meet the new demands of this twenty first century world. Isn’t doing something to actually solve the problem of education in America far more important than simply complaining how bad our school system is and what it’s not doing for our children?

We propose to place our pilot program in operation sometime during Winter, 2018. City and State support factors will help in selecting the initial site and provide a real time laboratory for enhancing our future’s potential through useful, positive and dynamic interactions with our children (and their parents).

The importance of these programs become even more important when we consider the enormous potential for progress that will be lost to the educationally challenged children, many with real learning challenges. We offer a brand new chance to overcome these deficiencies as the history of like programs have demonstrated in the past. Our coaching system will prove itself to be of great benefit to all people exposed including the most challenged and it works with adults as well. 

After completion of our pilot business plan for soon to be identified city, we will open our first center and start with about sixty to seventy (60-70) young people and provide incremental increases as our capacity increases. These programs are interconnected and all allow for maximum interactions with our young people. We call them “focus” groups.” We plan to emphasize how important “focus” is in everyday activities for personal development, character enhancement and other skills in the following areas:

1.Learning & Super learning: Skills Development:

2.Sports & Physical Development

a.       Sportsmanship and mental discipline

b.       Cheer leading/ Gymnastics

c.       Basketball/ baseball/ football/ tennis/ etc.

d.      Running/ Calisthenics

e.      Yoga (Hatha)/ Martial Arts

3.Community Outreach & Development

4.Creative Arts & Crafts Activities:

5.Health & Hygiene Programs – HIV/AIDS Awareness & Prevention - Disability programs:

6.Culture Development:

7.Youth Finance and Economic Development: These programs are designed to teach financial responsibility in four areas; earning well, saving well, investing well, and spending well. Inventive projects (by the children) will be promoted and worked, then saving methods will be utilized along with matching funds as an incentive by participating banks (disclosed later) for the child’s account, goals and spending limits will be introduced as part of a method of developing good financial habits.

8.Performing Arts:

9.Technical Education & Science: (The way things work) includes math, reading, science and writing enhancement skill building.

10. Inter-generational Programs: Here we take advantage of the contributions that can be made by our senior citizens who have the inclination and desire to share themselves in such productive endeavors. We have received a positive response from many seniors thus far.

11. “One on One” Personal Development and Counseling:

12. Peer Focus Group:

13. Scholarship Development & Acquisitions Programs: (ACT/SAT preparation assistance)

14. Home Management Development Programs:

15. Beginning Computer Learning Skills: Higher learning techniques by improving the understanding of “Internet based” source and educational potentials opening through enhancements

16. (Multiple) Language Skills Development

17. Philosophy & Ethical Living Skills Applications Development: Emphasis will include “non-violent, peaceful resolutions to problems” & “recreational” skills.”

18. Leadership Development: Let us also teach and transfer the knowledge of the values of good citizenship through non-violent means, starting in the family with parents and extending through all facets of their world.

19. In God We Trust; our future to entrust… (An ongoing study of truth “where science merges with religion”) The applications of “truth in living is the foundation of reality.” This is fundamental in the character building and social uplifting of people of all races and ages.

Not all of these programs will be immediately available, but they will be implemented according to the (local area demands) circumstances and individual interests of the participants (as indicated in our initial enrollment & evaluative procedures. Most of these programs will be “age sensitive” and appropriate for and directed at specific age groups. We are to literally “grow into” the full service center you see presented in this summary. These programs are all designed to not only maximize the abilities of our children in meeting the challenges of life, but to also to bring forth self motivation. They will be coached in the “brain” science of learning while teaching them how to reach within themselves and gain mastery the powers of their minds which will enhance their lives in all aspects.

Each program will have the advantages of “Company” trained instructors who will be exposed to “teacher training programs” made available for them to exploit these accelerated learning techniques.

Additionally, we will avail ourselves of the rich resources that many of our churches and established community organizations present (at least those that are willing to be “satellite” branches) where the children can go to enjoy our after-school programs. These activities also serve to enhance our ability to reach more children than would be available if we had to rely solely on our after-school facilities.

Many people will benefit richly from the unusual educational opportunities made available from these activities as well as the training and other opportunities that will evolve from this industry. We are hopeful that corporate and other grant sources will make these programs available to all children seeking admittance.

The positioning of in‑house technical specialist(s) and service providers will serve a multiplicity of purposes for the Company, specifically:

A. To assure the highest degree of quality service at efficient costs for our operations.

B. To meet the demands of the planned goals instituted and maintained by the Company.

C. To create an on‑going personnel training vehicle for continuing development of essential personnel to achieve and maintain quality service goals and projects.

D. To provide an environment which will enhance our young people, their attitudes and goals in ways which will reflect the qualities leading to leadership potential for the future? Indeed, our futures will be in the hands of our children of today. The quality of that future will reflect the values and skills we, as responsible people, impart.

We hope you will join in on this venture in some manner. Please remember that: Whether it is a regular student or a learning challenged youngster, our programs will stimulate each one to be better than they would be with conventional teaching methods alone. When added to the educational system already in place, you will see a definite improvement from previous levels to those with measurable benefits for the child.

Please be mindful that we are a results based organization that will constantly monitor our results as they illustrate the performances and progress of all participants (parents, teachers and students). The overall results in their academics and extracurricular performances, such as sports and related social activities, will prove to be a good measuring stick of our success. We are preparing to offer these services at no cost to the general public. Our learning programs will also be provided to families not being served by our programs through links provided.

This is a system of learning which reflects a scientifically based system of assisting the natural development of learning skills at an accelerated pace and is literally alive with possibilities. We are open to your responses, ideas and suggestions. The main three audiences we hope to reach are (1.) Parents, (2.) Teachers & (3.) Students who are the basic components for an evolving systems of superior learning.

There are many organizations that propose such systems of accelerated learning but we are the only ones who have decided to apply these systems for the betterment of “public school children,” in general. These techniques will generate many positions while contributing to our workforce both now and in the future. One truth we hold above all others and that is “Children are our future and representative of the best investment we can make in the present.

If, after reading this you are interested in learning more or perhaps participating in these programs at some level, please e-mail me directly at [email protected] I will personally respond to each e-mail and/or phone call: (773)253-9271. Thanks on behalf of all of us, Om

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