Here is where we must reach out and touch the parents, teachers, community leaders, education activists, and children.

Get your children to thinking about how they would like to supercharge their abilities from where they are to where they wa

nt to be. For those children who have had difficulties learning and acquiring new skills in the past, it is especially impressive what these children can do to improve their overall learning skills in educational and even social settings. We are not talking about science fiction or what could happen sometime off in the future. No, what we are presenting here is far more than this, because it is here right now and has been the subject of intense scrutiny by the best minds and institutions in the world.

We offer a great alternative for the children from ages 3-18 to be in a situations where his or her interests are, and how they might apply themselves using these programs. The specifics are indicated in our executive summary for those interested in learning more right now.

We will especially point out our limitations regarding how many children we can service in the beginning. We first urge all of those interested in their own their investigations to have their children pre-registered by following through on our links in the contact us section. We want everyone to know that they can always cancel if they find this program is not for them But the act of getting their children in line, so to speak, greatly increases their chances of benefiting from the programs first. We will also maintain a waiting list which will take into consideration, community locations, school back up in the selected areas and our plans for development in areas that are near them. We will maintain this data base for all parts of the country.

"Hey Kids, want to be better than you are now?" No matter how bad or how good you are you can always be better and have fun with your after school time. You can read faster and understand more! Play better basketball, or just learn some new language or better grasp something you have thought was hard.

Parents: Likewise, look over this presentation and help your child select something you think would be a good starting point. The more interested you become and want to find out about our accelerated learning applied to the fundamentals, the happier you will be in helping your child use a greater degree of their talents. Plus, real learning feels good, and they will feel good too while amazing themselves how much easier it is to learn and acquire a talent when they learn to use their minds to systematically learn at a level that is natural. We will see and feel the progress from where the child is at the time to where they have the ability to be.

We are seeking out people for participation in all aspects of our programs. This list includes participation on our Board of Directors all the way through to service providers (children handlers) teachers, administrators, etc.

This list will be published and regularly updated in our newsletter which you can subscribe to for a cost (handling costs only) $3.00 sent to you either your e-mail or regular mail $12 for the year. This list will cover all upcoming jobs and other opportunities as well as contact information. These processing costs also provide indicators as to how serious our people are about the future of our children and will also serve as an indicator which can lead us in planning more human resources..

Contact us if you have any questions.

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